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The University of Equal Opportunities

Declaration of the University of Silesia – Community of Equal and Diverse

Dłonie kilku osób

We value diversity and recognise that the academic community is made up of people representing different perspectives and ideas, different knowledge and cultures, and we recognise these differences as an added value of the University, testifying to its strength and wisdom.

At the University we believe that discrimination or exclusion on the basis of individual characteristics and circumstances, such as age, disability, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, pregnancy or parenthood, caring responsibilities, social background, race, skin colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, economic status, political opinion or trade union membership or any other individual characteristic, is unacceptable, and limits or wastes the talent, diligence and commitment of those who make up our community.

We recognise that still not all groups within our community are properly represented in the decision-making processes and collegiate bodies of the University. We will take steps to develop the best possible model for such participation and suitable representation.

We respect the rights of every member of our community to hold their own views and beliefs. However, we do not agree that these should be expressed in a way that is hostile or demeaning to others.

We expect the commitment of our entire academic community to the pursuit of the idea of an equal and diverse university.

In order to implement this declaration, as well as the values expressed in Section 4 of the Statute of the University of Silesia in Katowice, we have adopted the Principles of Equality and Diversity, according to which detailed programmes of activities will be developed.


The University promotes the respect for equality and diversity among its community through good practices, educational activities, and legal regulations.


The University is determined to eliminate all discrimination affecting any person in the community, as well as the abuse of their position by anyone within the University community, particularly through demeaning or humiliating treatment of others. Formal differences between people can only arise on matters of substance.


The University follows appropriate procedures for the protection of persons affected by and reporting signs of discrimination and unequal treatment which is not justified on substantive grounds, and abuse of position by persons from within the University community.


The University will ensure that those in leadership roles are sensitive to the dangers and issues of discrimination, unequal treatment, or abuse of their position by individuals from within the University community, and that they respond appropriately to such incidents.


The University will take steps to improve its procedures for promoting, rewarding, and evaluating employees and for evaluating and rewarding students at the University in such a way as to eliminate the influence of any non-substantive criteria.


The University will improve the system for the assignment of duties and the remuneration of employees, eliminating the influence of non-substantive criteria.


The University strives to ensure that the staff making up the community is diverse and represents various groups, while maintaining the relevant substantive criteria.


The University approves of the use of feminatives in communication between members of the community and in the formal language of the University.


The University will define and implement the Gender Equality Plan as an action plan for equalising professional and educational opportunities for members of the University community.


The University will define and implement other programmes for equal treatment and respect for diversity, enabling all interested members of the community to participate in the creation and implementation of their principles.


  • Rector of the University of Silesia
  • Chair of the University Council
  • Ombudsperson for Academic Rights and Values
  • Student and PhD Student Ombudsperson
  • Chair of the University Council of the Student Government

Equality initiatives

Kobieta i mężczyzna przeglądają dokumenty


The Gender Equality Plan is a strategic programme for the years 2022–2024, setting out the objectives and actions proposed in order to provide equal opportunities for people in the community, regardless of their gender

Logo projektu GEPARD

GEPARD project

Gender Equality Programme in Academia – Raising Diversity

Praca zespołowa, zbliżenie na biurko, notatki, wykresy, dłonie


Expanding the scope of accessibility, the level of openness and universality of the University of Silesia is the main objective of the DUO project

Naukowcy (mężczyzna i kobieta) w białych fartuchach


Since 2017, the University of Silesia is among the institutions that provide the best conditions for researchers in terms of work and development

Text: Community of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Towards Supporting Well-being and Sustainability; 21-22 of March 2024


„Community of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Towards Supporting Well-being and Sustainability”

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