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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Logotyp SPINplaceSPINplace is the initiative aimed at creating the regional, inter-university, business centre of creativity and co-working, as well as prototyping and animating projects. SPINplace is intended to be the space for various activities and, above all, creative thinking. A place where the potential of Silesian universities related to creation and implementation of products and services is fully realized, a place that gives opportunity for development to students, doctoral students, companies and residents of Silesia.

The project involves reconstruction of a building at ul. Bankowa 5 in Katowice and change of the functionality of some of its rooms, in order to create the space that will facilitate completion of new projects initiated by the participants of the Silesian innovation ecosystem, i.e. members of the academic community, entrepreneurs and representatives of local self-government units.

Pomieszczenie przeznaczone do pracy, wyposażone w stoły, krzesła i sofy

As a centre of creativity and co-working, SPINplace will contribute to comprehensive education of the youth, involving among others development of soft skills and practical preparation for creation of their own jobs in the future. It will be the place of group work, popular science lectures, a centre of entrepreneurship and business training. The public character of the space and the events organized in it are to promote the exchange of thoughts and experiences.

Sala konferencyjna z krzesłami, w tle tablica z wykresem

SPINplace is the place of:

  • creative networking,
  • creative ‘non-work’,
  • creative and artistic activities and meetings,
  • presentation of research results and promotion of innovative solutions,
  • incubation of spin-offs and start-ups,
  • workshops and project prototyping.

Sala ze sceną i krzesłami

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