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Love and robots | Meeting with Anna Malinowska, PhD, Associate Professor

08.02.2022 - 11:14, update 09.02.2022 - 09:50
Editors: K.St

What is love like in the times of technological ecstasy? To what extent does the development of technology affect the evolution of inter-human relationships? Do science fiction films and TV series still show us the future or they are more or less of some oblique reports from “here and now”? Come to the meeting with Anna Malinowska, PhD, Associate Professor. We guarantee that this edition is different to the others!

In the beginning, we would like to calm those to whom our slogan “Love and robots” seems weirdly familiar. Your intuition is right, we allude to the popular TV series for adults called Love, Death & Robots. Just as the creators of the TV series from one of the streaming platforms, we will take a closer look at the broadly understood romantic relationships in the era of technological development and leave the theme of death for the nearest or distant future.

Together with Anna Malinowska, we will ponder upon the criticism of love, which focuses mostly on the technology interference in human romantic relationships and reorganisation of intimate and emotional experiences, as says our guest. We will look inside changes happening today within the subjective possibilities of a romantic relationship and the very environment of the intimate-emotional exchange. We will also abolish several myths connected to love in the age of technoculture.

During our meeting, we will talk about the newest book by Anna Malinowska Love in Contemporary Technoculture which is to be published by the Cambridge University Press in late February 2022.

Apart from being a book writer and poet, the guest of the 16th Scientific Premiere Stage researches new technology and culture semiotics. It is easy to guess that her scope of research revolves around the semiotics of love in the context of cohabitation of people and intelligent machines as well as the culture of emotions and affection. Prof. Anna Malinowska is the winner of the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission scholarship (Senior Research Award 2018–2019), within which she conducted research at the New School University, New York. She has published in leading scientific publishing houses in the country and around the world. Together with Michał Krzykawski, PhD, DLitt, she co-creates the Centre for Critical Technology Studies at the University of Silesia, i.e. a unit that carries out international research in digital humanities. Apart from scientific work, Prof. Malinowska is also engaged in the arts. In 2020, in cooperation with an artist Pola Dwurnik she published a volume of poems entitled Unhappy Ending. Poems for the Broken Hearted. A year later, she released her debut pop-feminist novel Plan B (Dragon Publishing House).

Be with us during this meeting extraordinaire with Prof. Anna Malinowska on 14 February 2022 at 6.00 p.m. The talk will be hosted by Marta Paluch, a journalist from the Radio eM. We also encourage you to interact with our guest. Any questions, even the controversial ones, are welcome!

The event will be broadcast via the University’s of Silesia Facebook and YouTube Channel and translated into Polish sign language.

We invite all human and mechanical creatures.

plakat promujący spotkanie z dr Anną Malinowską

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