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Postgraduate teacher training studies in computer science

12.10.2021 - 13:30 update 13.10.2021 - 14:00
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The University of Silesia in Katowice and the Ministry of Education and Science would like to encourage all active teachers to take part in free postgraduate studies in computer science.

In times of change, which involve many areas of our lives, education also faces a challenge of meeting the current requirements for the education of the younger generation of Poles. In view of the current dilemmas facing education concerning changes in curricula, it is extremely important to support schools and teachers.

Currently, a new core curriculum for the compulsory subject of computer science is being implemented in schools. Computer science education has been extended to all students at successive stages of their education. Although a class related to computer science was taught in each grade, the implementation of the currently binding core curriculum in computer science requires a much larger number of well-trained teachers, especially when it comes to algorithmics, programming, and modern teaching methodology based on the idea of computational thinking.


In response to these challenges, the University of Silesia in Katowice, together with the Ministry of Education and Science, offers postgraduate studies that provide teachers with the knowledge necessary to teach computer science:

  • Qualifying Postgraduate Teacher Training Studies in Computer Science (3 semesters)

Postgraduate studies prepare students to teach computer science at various educational stages, in different types of schools, and also, as part of practical training, to conduct classes in computer science at schools, in particular to develop their own curriculum and materials for this curriculum, and to properly verify knowledge and skills during practical classes held at schools. This postgraduate programme is aimed at science teachers who wish to gain competencies in teaching computer science.

  • Supplementary Postgraduate Teacher Training Studies in Computer Science (2 semesters)

This postgraduate programme allows computer science teachers to improve their competencies regarding knowledge, skills, and methodology of teaching computer science at primary schools and secondary schools. The studies are intended for computer science teachers who wish to acquire new skills and improve their competencies in teaching computer science at schools.

  • Supplementary Postgraduate Teacher Training Studies in Computer Science for Early School Education Teachers (2 semesters)

The studies are designed for practising early school education teachers wishing to expand their competencies in computer science education, learn effective ways of teaching with the use of computers, tablets, and smartphones.

In relation to the change of the core curriculum in computer science and inclusion of students of grades 1 through 3 in computer science classes as one of the areas of integrated education, there is a need to improve the preparation of early school education teachers in this area. During lectures, exercises, and laboratory classes, participants will expand their methodological and practical knowledge related to the use of IT and digital tools in teaching computer science and in other areas of integrated education. Participants will improve their knowledge and skills in the practical use of a wide range of digital tools in teaching grades 1 through 3, develop technologically advanced working methods and methodological knowledge regarding creativity in conducting computer science classes, as well as in other areas of education where digital tools can be used.

Detailed Information

Postgraduate studies are financed by the Ministry of Education and Science and are free of charge for teachers. Registration takes place through the Online Application System (IRK).

The studies will be launched in October 2021.

Detailed information can be obtained from the Centre for Postgraduate Studies by phone: tel. 32 359 21 45, 32 359 22 76, by email: studiapodyplomowe@us.edu.pl or at www.studiapodyplomowe.us.edu.pl.

dzieci w klasie przy komputerach

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