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Scholarship in Doctoral School

  1. A doctoral scholarship is awarded to anyone admitted to the Doctoral School without a doctoral degree.
  2. The amount of the monthly doctoral scholarship is:

–           37% of the professor’s salary – since the beginning of studies until the month in which the mid-term evaluation is carried out. In 2023, the professor’s salary is PLN 7210 gross. Therefore, the amount of the doctoral scholarship is PLN 2,667.70 gross, i.e. approximately PLN 2,367.32 net.

–           57% of the professor’s salary – after the month in which the mid-term evaluation with a positive result was carried out. In 2023, the doctoral scholarship after the mid-term evaluation amounts to PLN 4,109.70 gross, i.e., approximately PLN 3,646.95 net.

  1. PhD student receives a doctoral scholarship increased by 30% of the amount indicated in point 2, if he/she has a disability certificate, a disability degree certificate or a certificate under art. 5 and art. 62 of The Disabled Professional and Social Rehabilitation and Employment Act of 27 August 1997.
  2. The scholarship is tax-free, but is subject to pension, disability pension and accident contributions.
  3. The total period of receiving a scholarship in doctoral schools shall not exceed 4 years.
  4. The period indicated in point 5 shall not take into account the period of suspension. At the request of a PhD student, education may be suspended for a period corresponding to the duration of maternity or paternity leave and parental leave as defined in the Act of 26 June 1974. – Labour Code.
  5. During the suspension of education, in order to determine the amount of a doctoral scholarship, the provisions relating to maternity allowance shall apply accordingly. The basis of allowance assessment shall be the amount of the monthly doctoral scholarship indicated in point 2 which is received at the date of application for suspension.
  6. PhD student who submits a doctoral dissertation before the date of completion of education as specified in the curriculum, shall receive a doctoral scholarship until the date of completion of education, but not longer than 6 months.
  7. The doctoral scholarship may be increased if the university has adequate financial resources and may also vary depending on the achievements of individual PhD students.

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