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13 patented inventions that can be applied in organic electronics

17.01.2022 - 16:04 update 19.04.2022 - 11:48
Editors: MK
Tags: nauki chemiczne

The team under the supervision of Prof. Eng. Stanisław Krompiec is working on, among others, the development of efficient and effective methods for the synthesis of perylene and coronene derivatives. These chemical compounds are of increasing interest, primarily in the field of chemistry and materials science – due to their unique properties. These interesting products (including nano-graphenes) can be successfully used in organic electronics. They are characterised, among others, by thermal and photochemical stability, thanks to which they can be used in the construction of solar cells or modern screens used in mobile devices as well as in the medical or automotive industry.

Thirteen inventions from the series have been covered by patent protection. The authors of the solutions include employees and students from the Institute of Chemistry of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Silesia: Aneta Kurpanik-Wójcik, MSc; Prof. Eng. Stanisław Krompiec; Bogumiła Kołek, BSc; Agata Grabowska, BSc; Justyna Łucka, MSc; Witold Ignasiak, MSc Eng.; Beata Marcol-Szumilas, MSc; Grażyna Szafraniec-Gorol, PhD Eng.; Marek Matussek, PhD; Luiza Orszulak, MSc.

It is worth adding that last year part of the inventions of this series were awarded a silver medal during the International Warsaw Invention Show, the largest international event promoting inventiveness in Poland.

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