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Graduates of the University of Silesia for Ukraine

28.02.2022 - 17:21 update 01.03.2022 - 10:44
Editors: AJS

Dear Graduate!

The coming weeks will be a real test of our ability to deal with situations that so far we have heard only from stories told by our grandparents or that seemed to us extremely distant because they were watched on a TV screen.

The war in Ukraine caused many students, doctoral students and scientists to leave their cities, universities and homes.  As the academic community functions across divisions and borders, we try to provide those in need with the necessary help.

If you want to report a willingness to help, or you organise or participate in an aid initiative worth publicising, fill in a specially prepared form. Thanks to it, you will be up to date with our activities, which you can join at any time.

Graduates, students, doctoral students, employees – we all create the University of Silesia – together we can do more.  Together for Ukraine.

Willingness to help and aid initiatives can be reported via the website: https://formularze.us.edu.pl.

Maksym Shcherbyuk, a graduate of the School of Polish Language and Culture and the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia in Katowice, winner of the INTERSTUDENT 2022 competition for the best foreign student in Poland, encourages to participate in the initiative.

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