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Call from Scientists: “World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency”

21.02.2020 - 14:03 update 24.02.2020 - 09:50
Editors: OO
Tags: apel, call, climate, climate state of emergency, Earth, klimat, klimatyczny stan wyjątkowy, Ziemia

Please read the Polish translation of the call from scientists from all over the world entitled “World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency”, which was published in “BioScience” at the end of 2019. The document was translated at the commission of the Faculty of Natural Sciences University of Silesia in Katowice. It includes a firm statement saying that the planet Earth is facing a climate emergency. The authors think that they have the moral obligation to warn humanity against the risk of extinction. They emphasize that it is necessary to introduce quick, deep and permanent changes in our lives. So far the letter has been signed by 12,868 scientists from 156 countries, including 165 people from Poland.

Translation of text entitled “World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency”

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