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USil researchers among the most cited scientists in the world

23.12.2022 - 10:29 update 26.04.2023 - 10:36
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Stanford University and Elsevier publishing house published a list of 2% of the highest cited researchers, which included 15 scientists from the University of Silesia in Katowice (14 from the Faculty of Science and Technology and one from the Faculty of Natural Sciences).

A list containing almost 200,000 names of researchers from around the world, includes the 2% of scientists whose publications are most often cited by other authors. The list was developed based on the analysis of citation indexes in 22 research areas and in 176 scientific disciplines according to the Scopus ‘All Science Journal Classification’ database.

The list includes scientists associated with the University of Silesia:

  • Prof. Michał Baczyński,
  • Prof. Michał Daszykowski,
  • Prof. Jan Dec,
  • Prof. Marzena Dzida,
  • Prof. Barbara Machura,
  • Prof. Jan Małecki,
  • Prof. Robert Musioł,
  • Prof. Marian Paluch,
  • Prof. Eng. Joanna Pisarska,
  • Prof. Wojciech Pisarski,
  • Prof. Eng. Jarosław Polański,
  • Prof. Grzegorz Racki,
  • Prof. Rafał Sitko,
  • Prof. Beata Walczak,
  • Prof. Grzegorz Zadora.

Detailed information, including a list of the most frequently cited Polish scientists, is available on the website of the ‘Forum Akademickie’ journal.

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