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Free consultations with specialists for USil employees

17.05.2023 - 10:29 update 18.08.2023 - 12:43
Editors: OO

As part of DUO project – University of Silesia – available, universal and open – free consultations with specialists are now available. During individual online meetings, employees our university will be able to discuss any difficulties related to working with students with special needs.

Consultations are free and they are carried out in accordance with the principle of confidentiality – they cannot be recorded, and the information provided by employees during the conversations will not be passed on to anyone.

As part of the project, employees will be able to take part in a meeting with:

  • psychologist,
  • psychotherapist,
  • autism spectrum specialist,
  • neurodidactics specialist,
  • mediator,
  • typhlo-teacher,
  • surdo-teacher,
  • facilitator.

If you are interested in the consultations, please apply by e-mail: centrumduo@us.edu.pl. Please write in your message which specialist you would like to meet with.

The consultancy will run until 30 November 2023 or until the limit of hours in the contract is exhausted.

indywidualne konsultacje dla pracowników ze specjalistami

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