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Cieszyn welcomes foreign students again!

05.08.2014 - 15:41 update 05.08.2014 - 15:41
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[[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”fid”:”3001″,”attributes”:{“class”:”media-image”,”height”:”75″,”width”:”69″}}]]24th Summer School of Polish language, literature and culture provided by the University of Silesia has begun in University’s Campus in Cieszyn.

Polish language becomes more and more popular around the world that is why Summer School in Cieszyn is so popular. This year 150 students from 37 countries came to Cieszyn. The students are attracted to Polish language because of many reasons. Sometimes it’s due to their origins or personal interests. Nevertheless, more and more participants start their adventure with Polish language to continue their education in Poland.

A little picturesque city Cieszyn is very well-known abroad thanks to a great number of foreigners who come there every year to learn Polish language and about Polish culture. Summer school in Cieszyn is not a typical school. It offers not only regular classes and lectures, but also various language games, excursions and attractions during which students can improve their language skills and know each other better. The school gives a unique opportunity to take part in an exciting intensive course where one can meet representatives of culture, philosophy, and science.

The Summer School in Cieszyn also attracted Silesian media. Students from Uzbekistan, Japan and even Brazil had a chance to say hello to the Polish viewers.

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