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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Architectural accessibility: 

Katowice, ul. Bankowa 11

Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Humanities

Accessibility of the entrance to the building and control area

The main entrance to the building is located on the side of the promenade on ul. Bankowa. The entrance is very broad. It consists of four door wings with a width of 90 cm (doors with door closers are opened with a holder), divided with two stair recesses (right/left) with a width of 5 m 40 cm.

The entrance is accessed through stairs. A platform allowing to get through all stairs leading to the internal lift has been installed for people with movement disabilities using wheelchairs.
The button placed on the pillar on the left side of the platform is used for calling the platform operating staff.

The reception desk is located in the central place of the hall near the main entrance.

Types of adjustments inside the building

At each storey, there are five toilets, including two female, two male and one for people with disabilities. Toilets for people with disabilities are located in the following rooms: 25a, 118a, 214a, and 314a. These toilets are equipped with holders near the washbasins and toilet bowl, as well as the proper manoeuvring space.

All rooms in the building can be accessed in a wheelchair.
There are also available spaces for individuals in wheelchairs in lecture halls and symposium halls. In order to use a wheelchair place in the Kazimierz Popiołek Lecture Hall, use the external entrance and support of a porter’s lodge employee. Similar is the case with the Auditorium Hall, the so-called “old hall”, where it is best to enter from the ground floor level through the door labelled no. 15.

The Kazimierz Popiołek Lecture Hall is fitted with an audio induction loop for hard-of-hearing people.

Room 29 is a quiet room where you can disconnect from an excess of stimuli.

Piktogram pętli indukcyjnej/induction loop signpiktogram pokoju wyciszenia/quiet room sign

Parking places designated for persons with disabilities and exploitation thereof

The closest parking spots (two envelopes) for people with disabilities are located on the left side of the building (north side) in front of the outside lift. Entrance from the side of ul. Uniwersytecka. Entrance to the car park through the barrier opened with a remote control. Students can report to the building administrator in order to obtain a remote control enabling entrance to the car park. To get a one-time parking access, please call the porter’s lodge at 32 359 11 08.

4 more spaces for the disabled are designated on ul. Uniwersytecka. Parking is free for authorised individuals.
The blue parking spaces can only be used by the individuals authorised on general terms specified in the provisions concerning the parking card for the disabled.

Contact data of the person who can provide more information about the building accessibility:

Andrzej Marzec, e-mail: andrzej.marzec@us.edu.pl, tel. +48 32 35 91 179, +48 502 622 899.

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