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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Architectural accessibility: 

Katowice, ul. Jordana 18

Faculty of Theology

Accessibility of the entrance to the building and control area

The Faculty of Theology building is located in the centre of Katowice, at the crossroads of ul. Jordana and ul. Podchorążych. One main entrance to the building is located on the side of ul. Jordana. In front of the entrance, on the left, there is an information board with the name of the building, whereas on the right of the entrance, on the main hall wall, there is a large inscription with the building name. 

Ul. Jordana right in front of the building is a cobblestone promenade, the access to it opposite the main entrance is slightly elevated in cobblestone, then it transforms into the level made of granite slabs. Access to the left from the main entrance (along ul. Jordana) – there are smooth stairs (4 steps). Access to the left from the main entrance (along ul. Podchorążych) – there are maximum 9 stairs – ul. Podchorążych lowers towards the northern side. All stairs have a height of 14-16 cm, they are grey. 

The entrance door is sliding and opened automatically with a motion sensor. The door is glazed and double. The internal glazed door is marked with coloristic contrast. The door is opened during the building opening hours. Right near the entrance door there is a small threshold of 2-3 cm. 

The reception desk is located approximately 8 metres behind the main entrance. At the reception desk you can get help concerning the location of particular rooms and toilets. The building has a control zone, which is switched off during the building opening hours. 

Accessibility of corridors, stairs and elevators

The corridors are spacious, with a width exceeding the usual 3 metres.

Vertical communication in the building is carried out through 3 staircases (one of the staircases is used only for evacuation during danger). The building has 4 floors, which are entirely available for the users and one technical floor (5th floor) available only by means of special IDs. 

There are 3 lifts in the building. In the western part of building there are 2 lifts available without any barriers, at every level where they stop. These 2 lifts only get to the 4th floor. On the eastern part there is one lift getting to the 5th floor. This lift is in the staircase vestibule – one door needs to be opened on each floor to get to it. There are no mirrors in the lift, the door opens automatically, there is a Braile alphabet marking on every floor. The lift has no voice messages, there is a display with the floor number, alarm button for communication with the reception desk, the lift intercom system is located at the height of 100 cm. There are handrails at a height of 90 cm in the lift. One lift has the size of 110 cm × 209 cm, whereas two lifts have the size of 160 cm × 140 cm. There are monitoring cameras in all lifts.

Types of adjustments inside the building

There are toilets in the building on every floor in every wing. In the western wing – right after exiting the lift or staircase on the left, in the eastern wing – on the left upon exiting the staircase. Additionally, in the eastern wing, near the general toilets, there is also a toilet with adjustments for the people with disabilities. 

This toilet has the door with a width of 100 cm, opened in both directions (inside and outside). The premises has the rectangular shape with a size of 176 cm × 238 cm, the light switch is located at a height of 110 cm. There are holders on both sides of the toilet, lifted on one side. There is a holder near the washbasin, the waste bin is under the paper towel feed. The towel feed is located at a height of 115 cm, and the toilet paper feed is at a height of 90 cm. The toilets are equipped with an alarm system, with the alarm visible and heard on the corridor. The alarm switch is located on the left side of the washbasin and the toilet. 

All important rooms can be accessed on a wheelchair. 

It may be hard for people in wheelchairs to move due to the counter in the dean’s office, which is located at a height of 110 cm and the counter in the dean’s office secretary office at a height of 115 cm. Due to this impediment, people in wheelchairs can be served outside the counter.

Parking spaces designated for persons with disabilities and the way to use them

There are 4 parking spaces for the disabled in the immediate vicinity of the building. One is located on ul. Jordana 21, two on ul. Powstańców 21 (near the exit to ul. Podchorążych), and one on ul. Konckiego (side street of ul. Powstańców). 

The blue parking spaces can only be used by the individuals authorised on general terms specified in the provisions concerning the parking card for the disabled. 

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