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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Architectural accessibility: 

ul. Paderewskiego 32

Teacher Residence Hall

Accessibility of the entrance to the building and control area

The building has only one entrance. It is marked with ‘Dom Asystenta Nr 3, Uniwersytet Śląski’ [Teacher Residence Hall No. 3, University of Silesia].

To access it, you have to move up 11 steep stairs. The stairs are equipped with handrails on both sides at a height of 105 cm.

Two manually opening doors, separated by a vestibule.
A person using the building is subject to verification by porter’s lodge staff (at night by security staff) and is led to the appropriate organisational unit.

Accessibility of corridors, stairs and elevators

The corridors are 173 cm wide.

The building is 4-storey. There are 4 staircases, with 16 stairs to each storey and handrails on one side at the height of 115 cm.

There is no lift in the building.

Types of adjustments inside the building

There is a public toilet on the ground floor. The door is 90 cm wide. It is not adjusted for people with disabilities.

The porter’s lodge counter is 124 cm high.


Małgorzata Szymańska, e-mail: malgorzta.szymanska@us.edu.pl, tel. 502 658 259.

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