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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Dostępność architektoniczna: 

ul. Paderewskiego 32

Dom Asystenta

Accessibility of the entrance to the building and control area 

The entrance is located in the front part of the building, labelled with a large inscription. The other external doors are emergency exits, unavailable from the outside.

The entrance is located at the height of high ground floor. To access it, you have to move up several steep stairs. The stairs are equipped with barriers on both sides.

The planned renovation of the entrance and the installation of a lift platform may cause temporary difficulties.

Accessibility of corridors, stairs and elevators

The building is five-storey. There is no lift inside the building. The corridors are wide. 

Types of adjustments inside the building

In the building there are available rooms with adjustments for the disabled.

The building is currently undergoing general renovation intended to increase the accessibility for individuals with disabilities. 

The renovation work may periodically reduce the accessibility of entrances and corridors.

Current information about the accessibility of the building can be obtained at: +48 32 2009 111 or e-mail address: hotel2@us.edu.pl

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