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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Architectural accessibility:

Sosnowiec, ul. Żytnia 12

Faculty of Science and Technology

Accessibility of the entrance to the building and control area

Access to the building on the side of ul. Będzińska or ul. Staropogońska.

Near the building entrance on the right side, there are two stairs that can be skipped through a ramp.

The reception desk (porter’s lodge) is located on the right side of the main entrance.

Accessibility of corridors, stairs and elevators

The building consists of the ground floor and two floors and an extension. There is no lift in it.

A person with a movement disability should be able to handle all affairs at level 0.

Parking places designated for persons with disabilities and exploitation thereof

There is a parking space for the disabled near the building. Reaching the building from the parking space does not require going through any barriers, because the curbstone ramp on the side of the driver has been developed.

The parking spaces for the disabled can only be used by individuals with a parking card for the disabled.

Contact data of the person who can provide more information about the building accessibility:

Joanna Odelga, joanna.odelga@us.edu.pl, 32 2691 890.

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