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Funding for new projects of the University of Silesia

23.12.2020 - 14:25 update 12.04.2022 - 12:08
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As part of the fourth edition of “Implementation Doctorate” programme, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education granted the University of Silesia the funding for 12 doctorate scholarships, costs of social insurance and costs of using research infrastructure in the total amount of PLN 3,525,052.80. Implementation doctorates will be carried out by doctoral students within the doctoral school in the following disciplines: materials engineering, earth and related environmental sciences, chemical sciences, law, psychology, political science and public administration, and history. The project coordinator is Assoc. Prof. Iwona Jelonek, Professor of the University of Silesia.

The goal of „Implementation Doctorate” programme is to create the conditions for development of cooperation between the research community and the socio-economic environment conducted within the framework of doctoral studies, as well as to introduce the possibility to educate programme participants in cooperation with their employer or another entity. The project supports the preparation of doctoral dissertations by doctoral students conducting scientific activities whose results may be applied in the operation of specific companies. The doctoral student will work in a company, university or institute running the doctoral school, and have two subject tutors: one indicated by the employer, and the other one from the doctoral school.

Also, National Science Centre decided to fund the project entitled „Większości kwalifikowane w niewiększościowych mechanizmach: w kierunku nowej teorii superwiększości w sądowej kontroli konstytucyjności prawa” submitted by the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia under POLS Programme financed with Norwegian Funds for 2014-2021. The amount of funding is PLN 520,520. The project manager employed at our University will be Dr Mauro Arturo Rivera Leon. On the part of University of Silesia, the project will be coordinated by Prof. Ewa Rott-Pietrzyk.

POLS is a call for research projects implemented by scientists coming from abroad to Polish research organisations or enterprises. The head of a project carried out in POLS call for proposals can be a scientist with at least a doctorate degree who did not live, work or study in Poland in the two years before the call for proposals was closed, and did not manage a research project carried out in Poland.

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