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PhD student participates in polar expedition to Spitsbergen

18.08.2023 - 14:28 update 24.08.2023 - 13:43
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Katarzyna Stachniak, MA, a PhD student from the International Environmental Doctoral School at the Centre for Polar Studies, is going to carry out research works on Spitsbergen in the next season of polar expeditions of the University of Silesia in Katowice. She will be accompanied by Kamil Pałkowski, MA, a field and technical assistant.

The PhD student is a leader of a research project entitled Hydrological modelling of drainage response to climate warming in the Arctic glacierised basins carried out within the Preludium 21 by the National Science Centre under the supervision of Prof. Jacek Jania and under the auxiliary supervision of Dariusz Ignatiuk, PhD, from the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The works within the project concern recognising hydrological and hydrogeological conditions of the catchment area of Renardbreen Glacier (Bellsund).

Katarzyna Stachniak, MA, is currently at the Polar Station Calypsobyen. At the same time, she is also taking part in the 31st polar expedition at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin led by Piotr Zagórski, PhD, DSc, Assoc. Prof.

The processes carried out currently include: the first seasonal monitoring of surface water run-off from the Renardbreen catchment, groundwater monitoring, and collecting preglacial sediment, surface water and rainwater samples for laboratory testing. Hydrological monitoring is supported by meteorological monitoring and studies of surface changes occurring within the Renardbreen catchment area using UAV for photogrammetric raids; the monitoring is carried out systematically by Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

Lodowiec Renardbreen

Renardbreen Glacier | Photo by P. Zagórski

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