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Dr Jerzy Jarosz, Professor of the University of Silesia and ŚFN KATOWICE – finalists of Popularyzator Nauki 2020 competition

01.12.2020 - 12:22 update 01.12.2020 - 14:31
Editors: MJ

The “Science in Poland” website has published the list of finalists nominated for Popularyzator Nauki 2020 award. One of them is Dr Jerzy Jarosz, Professor of the University of Silesia from the Faculty of Science and Technology (scientist category). Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE has been nominated in the team category.

Science in Poland will present the bios of all finalists to show how interesting and diverse the work of science communicators can be.

Approximately 100 candidates applied for the 16th edition of Popularyzator Nauki competition. This year, the first-degree jury selected 18 award nominees. The finalists selected by the second-degree jury will be announced in January 2021.

Detailed information and list of Popularyzator Nauki 2020 award nominees

Popularyzator Nauki, organised since 2005, is the oldest and most prestigious competition in Poland, which awards scholars, people of the media, institutions and social activists, whose passion is to share knowledge and reveal the mysteries of contemporary science in an accessible way.

The previous winners of the competition include: Rev. Prof. Michał Heller (nature philosopher), Prof. Jerzy Vetulani (neurobiologist), Wiktor Niedzicki (journalist, author of science communication TV programmes), Prof. Andrzej Kokowski (archeologist), as well as institutions such as:  Copernicus Science Centre, Polish Academy of Kids, and Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology. Among the winners of previous editions are also employees of the University of Silesia: Dr Jerzy Jarosz (2006), Dr Magdalena Ochwat (2010) and Jacek Szymik-Kozaczko (2012). The editorial board of Science Station, popular science website of the University of Silesia, was honoured in 2015.

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