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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Logo Europejskie Miasto Nauki Katowice 2024

The scientists are here for you.

There are nearly 10,000 people working at the Academic Consortium Katowice City of Science who are ready to use their expertise and answer your questions! We believe that the City of Science is the place where problems are identified and solved using the scientific method.

Do you want to know the composition of air that you breathe?
Would you like to find out about the composition of soil where you grow your vegetables?
Do you wonder how to improve the quality of life for your children?
Do you think about how to join scientific research related to space exploration?
Or maybe you want to learn something about the scientific grounds behind planning the urban space?

The scientists are here for you.

We will try to contact you with the person who can provide you a satisfying answer to your question and indicate the best methods to deepen your knowledge.
Ask about anything!
We will treat it seriously and discuss anything that the science has an answer for.

Submit your question to: emn@us.edu.pl

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