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Open Day at the University of Silesia

07.05.2024 - 13:12, update 10.05.2024 - 14:13
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On 14 May 2024, from 9.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m., the University of Silesia in Katowice is organising an Open Day for future students and study candidates. Participants will be able to talk to members of student research groups, students and employees representing faculties of the University of Silesia, as well as learn everything about the university and studying here. The event programme also includes popular science lectures, workshops and faculty tours.

Event schedule

  • Promenade in front of the Rectorate of the University of Silesia in Katowice – ul. Bankowa 12

On the promenade there will be stands of student research groups, the Faculty of Arts and Educational Science, the Student Government and the Academic Sports Association. There will also be an information point where you will be able to get all the information on new study programme offer, admission criteria and the admission process.

At 1:45 p.m., all interested people are asked to gather to then begin a tour of the Katowice campus (infrastructure, specialist laboratories, etc.). This includes the buildings of the Faculty of Law and Administration and the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School at the University of Silesia, the Scientific Information and Academic Library (CINiBA) and spinPLACE.

  • Faculty of Social Sciences in Katowice – ul. Grażyńskiego 53

9.00–11.00 a.m. – information point regarding admission process for Psychology degree programme and formalities related to the commencement and course of studies

9.30–11.00 a.m. – lecture ‘Psychologiczne aspekty grozy i horroru’ (‘Psychological aspects of terror and horror’) – Łukasz Jach, PhD, Assoc. Prof.

9.30–10.00 a.m.; 10.00–10.30 a.m.; 10.30–11.00 a.m. – workshops ‘Jak się boimy – neurobiologia strachu’ (‘How we fear – the neurobiology of fear’) – Maciej Janowski, PhD

  • Faculty of Social Sciences in Katowice – ul.Bankowa 11

9.30–10.15 a.m. – lecture ‘Czego mogą nas nauczyć gafy i wpadki w dyplomacji’ (‘What can gaffes and mishaps in diplomacy teach us’) – Renata Jankowska, PhD, Assoc. Prof. (subsequent classes also in 45-minute blocks)

10.15–11.00 a.m. – workshops on AI ‘Gra o władzę – szanse i zagrożenia’ (‘Game of power – opportunities and threats’) – Kornelia Batko, PhD, Assoc. Prof.

10.15–11.00 a.m. – workshops ‘Don’t believe everything you read on the internet – about the conspiracy theories’ – Robert Radek, PhD

10.15–11.00 a.m. – workshops ‘O kulturze g/Głuchych’ (‘On the culture of the d/Deaf’) – Tomasz Kasprzak, PhD

11.15 a.m.–12.00 p.m. – workshops ‘Rozmawiać dotykiem – warsztaty z alfabetu’ (‘Talking by touch – alphabet workshops) – Tomasz Kasprzak, PhD

11.15 a.m.–12.00 p.m. – workshops ‘Rozmowy z piramidami – warsztat odkrywania przyszłości demograficznej’ (‘Conversations with pyramids – workshops on discovering the demographic future’) – Bożena Zasępa, PhD

11.15 a.m.–12.00 p.m. – workshops ‘Opowieść o studiu telewizyjnym’ (‘Tale of a Television Studio’) – Zbigniew Markowski, MA (in the television studio)

11.15 a.m.–12.00 p.m. workshops ‘Chiny – ku hegemonii czy upadkowi?’ (‘China – towards hegemony or decline?’) – Tomasz Okraska, PhD, Assoc. Prof.

  • Faculty of Humanities in Sosnowiec – ul. Grota Roweckiego 5

9.30–10.15 a.m.; 10.30–11.15 a.m. – consecutive interpreting workshops – Beata Śmigielska, PhD, Anna Czekaj, PhD

9.30–10.15 a.m. – workshops in English ‘Intercultural Communication’ – Elisabeth Venohr, PhD from the University of Saarland

  • Faculty of Humanities in Katowice – ul. Uniwersytecka 4

10.30–11.15 a.m. – workshops ‘Powieść gotycka – starsza siostra horroru’ (‘Gothic novel – the older sister of horror’) – Maria Janoszka, PhD

9.30–10.15 a.m.; 10.30–11.15 a.m. – workshops ‘Techniki szybkiego uczenia się i zapamiętywania’ (‘Techniques for quick learning and remembering’) – Małgorzata Gwadera, PhD

10.30–11.15 a.m. – workshops ‘Egzystencja jako problem filozoficzny’ (‘Existence as a philosophical problem’) – Marta Ples-Bęben, PhD

9.30–10.15 a.m. – workshops ‘Sprzeciw bez przemocy… albo notatki na marginesach Kantowskiego projektu wiecznego pokoju’ (‘Nonviolent Opposition… or Notes in the Margins of Kant’s Project for Eternal Peace’) – Alicja Pietras, PhD

9.30–11.15 a.m. – workshops ‘Idealna kobieta – czyli jaka?’ O Księdze o Mieście Pań Christine de Pizan’ (‘The ideal woman – who is she?’ About The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan’)– Weronika Bochenek

9.30–11.15 a.m. – lecture ‘Błędy językowe’ (‘Language errors’) – Katarzyna Wyrwas, PhD, DLitt, Assoc. Prof.

  • Faculty of Science and Technology in Katowice – ul. Bankowa 14, room 213

 9.15–10.00 a.m. – lecture ‘Kryminalne zagadki materiałowe’ (‘Criminal material puzzles’) – Justyna Jurek-Suliga, PhD

10.15–11.00 a.m. – lecture ‘Technologia vs Natura – walka czy współpraca?’ (‘Technology vs. Nature – conflict or cooperation?’) – Sylwia Golba, PhD Eng.

11.15 a.m.–12.00 p.m. – lecture ‘Wchodzi nieskończona liczba matematyków do baru… O paradoksach zbiorów nieskończonych’ (‘An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar… About the paradoxes of infinite sets’) – Kacper Dworak

  • Faculty of Natural Sciences in Katowice – ul. Bankowa 9, room 215

10.00– 10.30 a.m.; 10.30–11.00 a.m. – workshops ‘Katowice miasto owadów’ (‘Katowice – city of insects’) – Mariusz Kanturski, PhD, Assoc. Prof. and Małgorzata Kalandyk-Kołodziejczyk, PhD

  • Faculty of Theology in Katowice

9.00–9.30 a.m. – faculty presentation (students and student research groups)

9.30 a.m. – lecture ‘Dowody na istnienie Boga’ (‘Proofs for the existence of God’) – Marek Wójtowicz, PhD, DLitt, Assoc. Prof.

10.30 a.m. – lecture ‘Fale grawitacyjne… Koniec fizyki?’ (‘Gravitational waves… The end of physics?’) – Rev. Łukasz Michoń, PhD

  • Faculty of Law and Administration in Katowice – ul. Bankowa 11B,

9.30–10.00 a.m. – presentation ‘Wydział Prawa i Administracji UŚ – Na dobry początek!’ (‘ USil Faculty of Law and Administration – For a good start!’) – Grzegorz Nancka, PhD

10.00–10.45 a.m. – lecture ‘Prywatność w świecie nowych technologii’ (‘Privacy in the world of new technologies’) – Mariusz Jagielski, PhD, DLitt, Assoc. Prof.

11.00–11.30 a.m. – lecture ‘Geniusz zbrodni i Łowca umysłów – o zabójstwach seryjnych i profilowaniu kryminalnym w kulturze popularnej’ (‘An Evil Mind and Mindhunter – about serial killings and criminal profiling in popular culture’ – Olivia Rybak-Karkosz, PhD

11.30 a.m.–12.00 p.m. – demonstration/visit of the printing studio and forensics facilities

  • College of Individual Interdisciplinary Studies in Katowice – ul. Bankowa 14, room 204

11.00 a.m.–12.30 p.m. – lecture ‘Od wilka do yorka: Krótka historia relacji ludzi z psami’ (‘From Wolf to Yorkie: A Brief History of the Relationship between People and Dogs’) – Wiktoria Moczarska

Registration for events is required via the registration form. The number of places is limited and participation is based on the order of applications.

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