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Inauguration of the Silesia Connect Programme

20.08.2021 - 14:15, update 23.08.2021 - 18:01
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The inaugural meeting of the Silesia Connect programme will take place on 31 August 2021, at Rondo Sztuki in Katowice. The programme is being developed in cooperation with the Venture Cafe Foundation from Warsaw, and its co-organizer is SPIN-US sp.z o.o – a special purpose vehicle of the University of Silesia.

The goal of the initiative is to create a common space for discussion and exchange of experiences for local innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and startups The result should be the integration of the activities of the leaders of the innovation ecosystem in Silesia, as well as increasing its global visibility.  At the same time, the project is to lead to the construction of a long-term cooperation platform between the leaders of ecosystems in Warsaw and Silesia.

As part of the Silesia Connect programme, 12 regular meetings are planned, which will take place on the last Tuesday of the month at Rondo Sztuki in Katowice. The first meeting is scheduled for 31 August. The special guest of the event will be the mountaineer and climber Adam Bielecki.

The programme also includes a debate on “Effective creation of the innovation ecosystem in Silesia”.  One of the speakers will be Katarzyna Papież-Pawełczak – president of the special purpose vehicle of the University of Silesia SPIN-US.  Participants will be able to take part in the workshops entitled “Business-Design-Innovations” and “Creating an Innovation District”.  Part of the meeting will be devoted to the presentation of experiences and achievements of selected organizations – the panel will be attended by representatives of the University of Silesia and SPIN-US.

Detailed information about the meeting and its schedule is available on the dedicated pages on Facebook and on LinkedIn profile.

Those interested in participating in the event should complete the application form. Registration is free; however, places are limited.

You can learn more about Silesia Connect on the programme website.

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