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Intensive Matura Exam Revision

12.10.2021 - 14:34, update 13.10.2021 - 11:40
Editors: OO

The registration for 6-month Intensive Matura Exam Revision, i.e. courses during which participants can prepare for the matura exam with the help of the University of Silesia lecturers. The courses are going to start at the beginning of November and last until the end of April. The organiser of the courses is the Prospective Students’ University of Silesia, operating within the Open University at the University of Silesia, which has been dealing with the organisation of preparation courses for the May exams for years.

The courses take place once a week in the afternoon and last 2.5 clock hours. The places for the courses are classrooms and workrooms of the University in Katowice.

The offer covers the following subjects:

  • Polish Language – extended and basic level,
  • Mathematics – extended and basic level,
  • Biology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Geography,
  • History,
  • Citizenship Education.

The schedule and detailed information can be found at https://maturzysta.us.edu.pl.

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