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50th anniversary of the Campus in Cieszyn

05.05.2021 - 11:55, update 11.05.2021 - 16:56
Editors: AJS
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The Cieszyn Campus of the University of Silesia is 50 years old! The celebrations of this wonderful anniversary will last from May to December, and will begin on 12 May, when the Rector of the University of Silesia, Prof. Ryszard Koziołek, and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Educational Sciences, Krzysztof Marek Bąk, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor, will ceremonially bury a time capsule.

The capsule will contain artifacts and documents prepared by the institutes currently operating within the faculty, as well as representatives of its authorities and its students. The capsule will not be dug out nor opened for the next 50 years, until 15 May 2071. The burying of the capsule will be accompanied by the opening of a bower modelled on the famous rotunda built in the 11th century in Cieszyn (the building that appears on the reverse of the 20 zloty banknote). Over time, the structure will be covered with evergreen ivy and create a charming resting place which will make the campus in Cieszyn even more attractive.

Framework programme of the anniversary celebrations

  • planting a tree to commemorate the anniversary, burying the time capsule, opening of the bower modelled on the famous rotunda built in the 11th century in Cieszyn (May),
  • exhibition of commemorative posters designed by students of the Institute of Fine Arts and presented in public space (from June to September),
  • a series of interviews “Chatting with Masters”, namely well-known and distinguished representatives of science and art from the Cieszyn Branch of the University of Silesia. The interviews will be available on the social media of the University of Silesia and on the university’s YouTube channel (from June to September),
  • a series of essays presenting the history and activity of the academic and artistic centre in Cieszyn – available in the local press (from June to September),
  • memories of the graduates of our university in Cieszyn – available on the social media of the faculty and institutes (from June to September),
  • an official inauguration of the academic year 2021/2022, organised again – in the image of a ceremony organized 50 years ago – at the Adam Mickiewicz Theatre in Cieszyn, with the premiere of the piece “Krótkie historie” (“Short stories”), composed for this occasion by Karol Pyka, PhD (October 11),
  • Exhibition P-books. from designing to reading at Galeria 12, the town’s contemporary art gallery – lecturers and students of Design at the Institute of Fine Arts will present books, graphic novels, designs, and sketches (October),
  • Exhibition DYSTANS (Distance) planned by Pracownia Animacji Pod Aulą, during which the students’ of Socio-cultural Animation with Cultural Education camp activities will be summarised (October),
  • opening of an exhibition of works created in the last half-century by the most eminent artists associated with the Cieszyn Branch at the Academic Gallery (December),
  • post-competition exhibition of the winners of the 2nd International Print Triennial in Cieszyn at the 36.6 Gallery (December),
  • premiere of two book publications: an album presenting the last 50 years of the University of Silesia in Cieszyn, and a multi-author scientific publication edited by Prof. Urszula Szuścik (December),
  • a concert at the Adam Mickiewicz Theatre with the participation of invited instrumentalists and soloists. The event is going to be the conclusion of the anniversary celebrations (December).

Website of the event

On the occasion of the anniversary, a website has been launched: www.cieszyn50lat.us.edu.pl. The website contains the most important information about the celebrations of the unit in Cieszyn: framework programme, campus in numbers, as well as its history – presented in an article “50th anniversary of the University in Cieszyn” and in the photos from the last five decades.

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