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[ONLINE] Trainings for scientists: ‘Citing in Scopus and Web of Science databases’

10.01.2023 - 13:52, update 12.01.2023 - 10:59
Editors: AJS

Using citation reports, analysing personal and group output (Scopus, Web of Science), calculating Hirsch Index and paying attention to correct data in databases are the topics that will be covered during the upcoming training for scientists within the series of meetings related to promoting outcomes of scientific research.

Series of training sessions for scientific employees

The University Rankings Committee, with the support of the Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library (CINiBA), organises a series of five training sessions supporting the visibility of our scientific research. The classes are tailored to the needs of scientists; they are quick and take place online during the long break between classes, i.e. 1–1.45 p.m., and participants meet via the MS Teams platform.

Citing in Scopus and Web of Science databases

The first training concerned the researcher profile. The topic of the upcoming meeting will be citing in Scopus and Web of Science databases; it will be carried out by Aneta Drabek, PhD, Michał Tomaszek, MA – experts in the field and employees of the Library of the University of Silesia.

Scope of the training

  • Citings – two methods of searching;
  • Web of Science:
    • author profile – citation report;
    • description of the report;
    • self-citations – issues with the data;
    • citation alerts;
    • cited references – additional citations;
  • Scopus:
    • author profile – citation overview;
    • description and potential of the report;
    • secondary documents – additional citations;
  • Hirsch Index:
    • what is Hirsch Index and how to calculate it?
    • why do various databases have different indexes?


As previously, training was planned for two dates to choose:

  • Thursday 19 January 2023 at 1–1.45 p.m., link to the meeting on MS Teams;
  • Thursday 24 January 2023 at 1–1.45 p.m., link to the meeting on MS Teams;

Future training sessions

  • Training No. 2: Citing in Scopus and Web of Science databases’ (using citing reports, care for correct data in the database, SciVal and InCites – analysis of own and group achievements), To be completed in January 2023
  • Training No. 3: Selecting a journal to publish in’ (publisher tools (e.g. Elsevier Journal Finder), using databases, checking journal ‘reputation’ (IF, CiteScore)),
  • Training No. 4: Open access journals’ (DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals, searching for open access journals in Web of Science, searching for open access journals in Scopus database, Polish open access journals),
  • Training No. 5: How to write and publish a scientific article’ (training conducted by an outside expert – Elsevier Author Workshop).

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