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6th Evening with Geography before Matura

12.04.2021 - 09:05, update 19.04.2021 - 12:11
Editors: OO

Lecturers from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Silesia in Katowice have prepared revision lectures in socio-economic geography and physical geography, which cover selected contents of the extended curriculum of geography in high school in relation to the questions appearing on the Matura exams. The event directed towards high school graduates will be held via the MS Teams platform.


  • 15.15: introduction by Adam Hibszer, PhD, DLitt,
  • lectures on socio-economic geography:
    • 15.30–16.15: Population issues, by Anna Runge, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor,
    • 16.20–17.05: Economic issues, by Sławomir Sitek, PhD, DLitt,
    • 17.10–17.55: Settlement and urbanisation issues, by Elżbieta Zuzańska-Żyśko, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor,
  • lectures on physical geography:
    • 18.00–18.45: Geomorphological issues, by Martyna Rzętała, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor,
    • 18.50–19.35: Climatological issues, by Zuzanna Bielec-Bąkowska, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor,
    • 19.40–20.25: Hydrological issues, by Marek Ruman, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor,

VI Evening with Geography before Matura is an event accompanying the Geography Night, which takes place on 23 April 2021.

VI Wieczór z Geografią przed Maturą, 22 kwietnia 2021 r., godz. 15.15 online

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