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Open lecture by Prof. Christopher Yukins of George Washington University

29.04.2021 - 09:13, update 10.05.2021 - 17:17
Editors: MJ
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Prof. Christopher Yukins of George Washington University in Washington DC will give a lecture entitled “U.S. International trade policy under President Joe Biden’s administration”. The meeting will be held as part of the lecture “Public procurement in geostrategy” conducted by Michał Kania, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor from the Faculty of Law and Administration. 

The meeting will address issues concerning the role of public procurement in the implementation of US geopolitical goals.

Prof. Christopher Yukins serves as the director and lecturer of the prestigious “Government Procurement Law” programme at the George Washington University in Washington DC. He has lectured as a visiting lecturer at institutions around the world, and has served as an advisor to the U.S. delegation to the United Nations Commission On International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), served as a contributing editor to the UN Office’s Guidebook on Anti-Corruption in Public Procurement, and has been a rapporteur in the US Congress and the European Parliament on public procurement issues. He is an active member of the Public Contracts Law Section of the American Bar Association, a visiting professor at Université Paris Nanterre and the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Vienna. More information is available at: www.publicprocurementinternational.com

To register for the lecture, send an e-mail to: michal.kania@us.edu.pl by 9 May 2021.

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