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The role of clothing in games – first game studies seminar

26.06.2023 - 13:55, update 08.01.2024 - 11:03
Editors: K.S

The Game Studies Research Centre organised the first scientific seminar entitled Pr3t-à-port3r: Role of clothing in games.

The meeting was the first of an entire series organised by the Game Studies Research Centre. The event is addressed to all interested, particularly to game scientists, game designers and other representatives of the industry. The seminar takes up the issue of fashion in both video and non-video games.

Some of the areas covered by the organisers concerned:

  • comparison of the actual and digital clothing,
  • classification of various types of clothing in a video game,
  • digital materiality,
  • social aspects of clothing,
  • the role of clothing as a core fabric in building the digital world,
  • clothing as a tool for shaping gamers’ identities.

The first meeting took place on 18 November 2023

Pr3t-à-port3r. Rola ubioru w grach Graphics promoting the Pr3t-à-port3r seminar

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