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“Bilingualism of the university. Genealogy of the crisis of programme-related education. Initial proposal” Seminar

14.01.2022 - 10:10, update 17.01.2022 - 10:58
Editors: OO

For over a year we have been working on the preparation and implementation of a new concept of studies. Members of the academic community of the University of Silesia in Katowice will be able to track progress of this undertaking and participate in its implementation. The communication and consulting plan of the project includes, among other things:

  • a special section dedicated to the project published in the newsletter, it will appear regularly (every two weeks) and will be entitled “The future of university education”;
  • an intranet website with information on the project’s objectives, progress, and developed solutions;
  • an open seminar on the systemic basis of the New Studies concept at the University of Silesia (organised every two to three weeks).

The participants of the seminar will reflect on questions such as: What should university education look like today, i.e. in the future, which allows for responsible reflection and action? What should be its content and function, and which methods are conducive to ensuring that ALL parties in the educational process, students, teachers, the communities to which they belong, employers, benefit more from it? 

By “university education” we understand the purposeful impact that the complex and extensive system of academic learning and the rich educational offer at the University based on it can have on degree programmes and learning outcomes, making university education unique and more effective for graduates in their work and life.

We ask these questions in the specific context of the work on the studies project, whose two basic foundations are: the systemic and purposeful combination of education as part of the degree programme with interdisciplinary education, and the essential empowerment of the student in terms of creating an individual curriculum by the student. 

The first seminar will take place online on Friday, 21 January, at 4 p.m. The broadcast will be available on the University’s YouTube channel.

The seminar will begin with an opening speech by Prof. Ryszard Koziołek, Rector of the University of Silesia entitled “Bilingualism of the university. Genealogy of the crisis of programme-related education. Initial proposal”, which will form the basis for the discussion among the participants of the seminar.

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