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University Research Camp

06.08.2021 - 09:48, update 31.08.2021 - 11:22
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Every September, within the framework of the University Research Camp, the University of Silesia opens its campus in Katowice for primary and secondary schools pupils and teachers. This is an event to which organised groups are invited. On the campus map, there will be several scientific stops offering interactive lectures from various disciplines. Pupils can participate in a few lectures conducted by scientists from the University of Silesia and employees from other research and scientific centres. The classes will complement and expand the core curriculum but might also become the beginning of a new passion and perhaps a future scientific career. Annually, around 17,000 pupils participate in lectures under the University Research Camp.

This year we plan to return to the classic on-site form of lectures and shows in classrooms but they will be additionally broadcast via YouTube. The decision about the on-site organisation of classes might be changed depending on the COVID-19 security status in September. If the online formula of classes will be necessary, lectures will be conducted live or shared via YouTube.

The programme includes lectures within the framework of four scientific stops:

  • Peculiarities of the World of Physics – meetings on laws of physics and experiments (coordinator: Jerzy Jarosz, PhD, Associate Professor);
  • Prehistory – an insight into human genealogy and our planet (coordinator: Andrzej Boczarowski, PhD);
  • Biorobotics – a combination of natural sciences with the newest technology (coordinator: Joanna Foryś, PhD);
  • Eye to Eye with Biology – a wide selection of numerous fields of biology (coordinator: Łukasz Chajec, PhD).

The lectures will start on 6 September 2021 and will last till the end of the month.

zdjęcia koordynatorów przystanków naukowych

The event is organised by the Open University.

The programme and detailed information about registration are both available at www.uniwersytetotwarty.us.edu.pl and on Facebook.

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