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Dr Jolanta Wadowska-Król awarded honorary doctorate degree

01.06.2021 - 16:25, update 28.06.2021 - 12:07
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The ceremony of awarding honorary doctorate degree to Dr Jolanta Wadowska-Król begins on Thursday, 24 June 2021. The title was awarded by resolution of the Senate of the University of Silesia of 27 April 2021.

Jolanta Wadowska-Król

Jolanta Wadowska-Król. Photo: Prof. Witold Jacyków, University of Silesia

Jolanta Wadowska-Król

Paediatrician with a big heart, a woman of outstanding bravery and humility, representing an unbreakable attitude, open for higher values and demonstrating extraordinary courage in breaking barriers, ready to fight for dignity and health of children from Szopienice in the times of ideological oppression, when the authorities suppressed the truth about the health and life of citizens.

In 1970s, she began research on the exposure to lead of children living near Huta Szopienice factory. Thanks to her activities, thousands of children threatened with lead poisoning were treated. Moreover, the decision was taken to demolish the houses standing nearest to the steelworks chimney. This contributed to improving the inhabitants’ health and had a beneficial effect on the city’s environmental situation.

Live broadcast

The ceremony will be broadcast live on the University of Silesia channels:

Grafika: bordowe tło, duży napis: doctor honoris causa oraz herb Uniwersytetu Śląskiego. Napisy dodatkowe: Rektor i Senat Uniwersytetu Śląskiego zapraszają na uroczystość, podczas której tytuł doktora honoris causa Uniwersytetu Śląskiego otrzyma Jolanta Wadowska-Król. 24.06.2021 r. (czwartek) godz. 11.00. Transmisja ceremonii: facebook.com/UniwersytetSlaski, youtube.com/UniwersytetSlaski
Poster promoting the ceremony

Poster .pdf

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