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ŚFN webinar: “America by bike – 24,000 km from Alaska to Argentina”

29.01.2021 - 11:23, update 01.02.2021 - 11:50
Editors: OO

Another webinar of Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE will be hosted by Maria Garus, associated with the University of Silesia. The subject of the meeting entitled “America by bike – 24,000 km from Alaska to Argentina” will be the lonely trip taken in the cold north, through the heat and Caribbean Sea in the Central America, to the Andean mountain tops and American Indian culture in the South America, as well as the accompanying emotions.

Maria Garus – traveller cycling around the world by herself. The first Polish woman to have traversed America by bike: from Alaska to Argentina, through the Rocky Mountains and Andes. The overall distance she covered was 24,000 km. During the trip, she took part in a number of volunteering activities, including help in an Indian hospital.

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