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“Czysta Wisła? Why Not?” science and research expedition

12.07.2021 - 10:29, update 21.07.2021 - 11:09
Editors: MJ
Tags: badanie jakości wód, czysta Wisła, water quality

Water is the source of life for all living organisms. However, the continuously growing population along with galloping urbanisation and rapid climate changes contribute to water pollution in rivers, lakes, groundwater, and may lead to a thorough deficit of this life-crucial liquid.

The University of Silesia Silesian Water Centre in cooperation with the Why Not? Foundation organise a science and research expedition from Vistula sources to its estuary. The expedition will take place on 18-31 July 2021 and will involve the Foundation’s kayaks, the University of Silesia’s measurement equipment, research vessels (including the unique UŚKA II), and the ULAC hot air balloon. The expedition will feature Prof. Andrzej Woźnica, Associate Professor, the Director of the Silesian Water Centre, and his research team.

The project is inspired by scientific challenges and involves a kayaking trip, making multi-parameter measurements, and taking samples for laboratory tests. A part of the results will be shared online via a dedicated map of the event. The University of Silesia is especially involved in the science and research part of the event and will provide professional measurement equipment and a team of scientists: hydrologists, chemists, and biologists. The results are to define the needs and challenges regarding the clean Vistula.

The goal of the expedition is a complex analysis of changes in quality parameters of air and water in the Vistula within its full 1,000-kilometre reach, as well as a promotion of health, support, and popularising physical culture.

More details about the projects at Why Not? Foundation website.

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