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Open lecture: “With the eye of Galileo”

The Children’s University of Silesia is organising an open lecture “With the eye of Galileo” delivered by Andrzej Boczarowski, PhD, from the Faculty of Natural Sciences It will be the first meeting of the “With the eye of a scientist” series dedicated to the evolution of science The event will be held via

PhilosophyCon 6: Metaphysical Horror

PhilosophyCon 6: Metaphysical Horror is an innovative pop-culture event merging an international scientific conference and fan convention The event will be held remotely on 14-16 May 2021 via Zoom and Facebook The special guest of the event will be ST Joshi, the expert on the works of HP Lovecraft The PhilosophyCon: Fan Convention and Academic

Doctor who saved poisoned children | Meeting with Jolanta Wadowska-Król

The meeting with Jolanta Wadowska-Król, a pediatrician and honorary citizen of Katowice, who during the 1970s launched research into exposure to lead among children in Szopienice, Burowiec and Dąbrówka Mała in Katowice will take place on 27 May 2021 at 1000 am Authorities recognised the issue of environmental contamination thanks to the research

“Granatowe Góry” Jerzy Pilch Word Festival

The University of Silesia in Katowice and the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE became partners of the “Granatowe Góry” Jerzy Pilch Word Festival, which will take place in Wisła On 28-30 May 2021 The goal of the event is the promotion of Jerzy Pilch, Polish writer, columnist, playwright, and screenwriter, the winner of the

SPN: Prof. Katarzyna Krasoń | What master Yoda teaches us

Can big Hollywood productions teach and inspire us? Which elements present in films may be useful in educating future teachers, tutors, or therapists? How does the path from the rank of padawan to master look like? The 9th Scientific Premiere Stage: Science Talk Show will host the Jedi master, Prof Katarzyna Krasoń

Ecological Thinking Club: “Can we fix our world?”

The guest of the 68th meeting of Ecological Thinking Club will be Prof Ladislav Miko – Head of the European Commission Representation in Slovakia (since 2018), former Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic The meeting will be hosted by Prof Piotr Skubała (Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Silesia)

50th anniversary of the Campus in Cieszyn

www.cieszyn50lat.us.edu.pl The Cieszyn Campus of the University of Silesia is 50 years old! The celebrations of this wonderful anniversary will last from May to December, and will begin on 12 May, when the Rector of the University of Silesia, Prof Ryszard Koziołek, and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Educational Sciences,
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