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GEPARD – the Final Report IO1

16.05.2024 - 14:08 update 17.07.2024 - 11:33
Editors: OO

The Final Report IO1 describes the methodology for creating UGEP and recommendations for partners. It has been enriched with the so-called general comments to make the GEP creation process and proper understanding of its content more accessible to stakeholders. The document also contains the general legal framework for creating GEP and specific case studies, i.e., a description of GEP solutions used by all project partners, comments on individual GEP thematic areas, that explain how gender equality should be understood in a given context and the benefits of adopting specific solutions, finally – to facilitate understanding of the context of adopting the plan, we also added the results of conducted within the Project qualitative research (expert interviews).

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Otwarta książka w dłoniach/An open book in somebody's hands

Photo by Julia Agnieszka Szymala

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