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National Science Centre grants for our employees and doctoral students

30.11.2021 - 12:08 update 12.04.2022 - 12:05
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The National Science Centre has announced the results of the following calls for proposals: OPUS 21 – for scientists at all stages of their scientific careers, as well as PRELUDIUM 20 – for researchers who do not have a doctoral degree.

Nine employees and 13 doctoral students from the University of Silesia received funding for their projects.

Here is a list of the winners:


OPUS 21:


Faculty of Humanities:

  • Przemysław Piwowarczyk, PhD: “Across centuries, languages, and cultures: The Miracles of Saint Menas as a historical source, literary composition and liturgical text” (description), PLN 577,143.


Faculty of Natural Sciences:

  • Prof. Eng. Evgeny Galuskin: “Unique ‘meteoritic’ minerals in pyrometamorphic rocks” (description), PLN 869,250.


Faculty of Science and Technology:

  • Żaneta Wojnarowska, PhD, DSc: “Advanced nanocomposites for energy applications: Insight into charge transport mechanism, relaxation dynamics, and phase transitions from high-pressure experiments” (description), PLN 2,213,200.
  • Marzena Rams-Baron, PhD: “Towards an understanding of the reorientation dynamics of rigid and non-rigid large anisotropic molecules constituting a new class of glass-forming materials with peculiar relaxation properties revealed in dielectric relaxation studies” (description), PLN 2,323,200.
  • Karolina Jurkiewicz, PhD Eng.: “Correlations between supramolecular structure, molecular dynamics, physico-chemical stability, and solubility in neat Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and API-excipient binary systems” (description) (consortium in cooperation with the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice), PLN 2,514,176,
  • Prof. Marzena Dzida: “IoCarboNanoFluids (ICON Fluids) as a novel class of properties-by-design carbon nanotubes-functionalized multi-ionic systems – comprehensive understanding of molecular interactions and architecture” (description) (consortium in cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology), PLN 2,571,759.


Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • Agnieszka Turska-Kawa, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor: “Polish ‘grey voters’. The impact of demographic changes on the election market in Poland. Study of the 2023-2025 election cycle” (description), PLN 1,437,920.
  • Waldemar Wojtasik, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor: “Models of the systems of anti-corruption protection measures in local government in Poland” (description), PLN 1,293,080.
  • Monika Stojek, PhD, Associate Professor: “Relationship between PTSD symptoms, eating behaviors, and physical health: Inflammatory, cardiometabolic, and psychophysiological correlates” (description), PLN 1,036,434.


Faculty of Law and Administration:

  • Iwona Gredka-Ligarska, PhD: „The use of autonomous AI in the labour process and employer’s civil liability towards third parties” (description), PLN 195,469.




Faculty of Natural Sciences:

  • Aleksandra Osika, MSc: “Reconstruction of glaciers extent and environment in southern Svalbard during the Holocene Climate Optimum as an analogue for modern climate warming effects” (description), PLN 197,703.
  • Anna Ostróżka, MSc: “Assessment of changes in mitochondria and the activity of selected enzymes and mitochondrial proteins in freshwater shrimps exposed to nickel and restored to the uncontaminated water.” (description), PLN 69,960.
  • Reyhaneh Seyed Alian, MSc: “Searching for the power of hormesis – Effects of silver nanoparticles, graphene oxide (GO), and GO-Ag composite on the functions of digestive enzymes in Acheta domesticus.” (description), PLN 139,974.
  • Weronika Porc, MSc: “The assessment of wide spectrum of frequency electromagnetic radiation effects on Parasteatoda tepidariorum spiders using a combination of physiological and molecular markers” (description), PLN 177,266.
  • Oliwia Metryka, MSc: “Multifaceted analysis of the impact of metal nanoparticles on various cellular processes in selected bacterial strains” (description), PLN 139n160.


Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • Justyna Lipka, MA: “The relationship between national victimhood and attitudes towards violent far-right extremism” (description), PLN 165,007.
  • Zofia Kurasz, MA: “When the Touch of Loneliness Hurts Most: Implications of Loneliness and Social Touch for Endogenous Pain Modulation and Oxidative Stress.” (description), PLN 198,928.
  • Monika Szynol, MA: “The Securitization of Development Cooperation. The Case of Selected Central and Eastern European Countries” (description), PLN 163,428.


Faculty of Law and Administration:

  • Jakub Wyczik, MA: “Data ‘ownership’ rights in the context of 21st-century challenges – Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things” (description), PLN 115,440.
  • Ikechukwu Patrick Ugwu, MA: “Business Activities of European Corporations in Africa: A New International Law Approach to Protecting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Environment” (description), PLN 166,753.
  • Sara Smyczek-Gołębiewska, MA: “Reconstruction of the category of ‘equity’ in the European civil jurisdiction” (description), PLN 117,692.
  • Aneta Paleczna, MA: “A comparative perspective on compensating secondary victims: a required standard or superfluous protection?” (description), PLN 132,496.


Faculty of Theology:

  • “’He came out conquering, and to conquer’ (Rev 6:2):  The Verb ‘NIKAN’ in the Book of Revelation, its Connotations, and their Jewish and Greco-Roman Contexts” (description), PLN 68,745.


The results and descriptions of all submitted projects are available on the website of the National Science Centre.

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