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HarSval – new project of the Centre for Polar Studies

05.03.2024 - 14:18 update 05.03.2024 - 14:47
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At the beginning of March 2024, a large predefined bilateral project entitled ‘HarSval Bilateral initiative aiming at Harmonization of the Svalbard cooperation’ begins. The project was initiated by the Polish Polar Consortium. The cooperation efforts involve 11 partners from Poland and 14 partners from Norway. The leader of the initiative is Dariusz Ignatiuk, PhD from the University of Silesia in Katowice (Centre for Polar Studies).

The objectives of the project focus on strengthening bilateral relations between Norway and Poland, expanding the network of partners and the scope of existing research activities, as well as the transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practices.

The project distinguishes four main areas of activity:

  • activities aimed at modernisation and standardisation of Svalbard monitoring system in priority areas for the Polish and Norwegian polar communities;
  • activities aimed at developing competencies and skills, internationalisation, and increasing visibility of the Polish polar community, implemented in Polish-Norwegian cooperation;
  • activities in the area of FAIR data and open science;
  • activities in the area of dissemination, communication and management.

The initiative will be implemented for 12 months from 1 March 2024 to 28 February 2025, with a project budget of 1,580,000 €. Funding is guaranteed by the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014–2021 (www.eeagrants.org).

For more information about HarSval, please visit: www.harsval.eu.

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