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Information on corporate and institutional support for the citizens of Ukraine

27.02.2022 - 17:04 update 28.02.2022 - 13:58
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Due to the Russian aggression on Ukraine, numerous companies and institutions are providing various types of aid to the affected people. If you are migrating from the territory of Ukraine, have family in Ukraine, or need any other form of help in connection with the ongoing hostilities, please remember to take advantage of the following forms of aid available to you.

This information will be continuously supplemented and updated on the page dedicated to helping people from Ukraine – In solidarity with Ukraine.


List of companies and institutions

  • PKP IC offers free train travel for Ukrainian citizens (details),
  • Polish cell phone carriers offer cheaper calls to Ukraine (details),
  • PKO Bank Polski waives fees for a fast transfer to Kredobank and for ordering a foreign transfer to any bank in Ukraine (details),
  • ING Bank Sląski suspends fees for transfers to Ukraine (details),
  • Panek Car Sharing offers cars for volunteers to transport donations and people fleeing Ukraine (details).
  • mBank refunds fees for transfers to banks in Ukraine (details),
  • BNP Paribas Poland waives fees for customers who are Ukrainian citizens for transferring funds to Ukraine, depositing and withdrawing funds in the bank’s branches, and for ATM withdrawals in Poland (details),
  • MZA Warszawa offers free public transportation in Warsaw (details),
  • Lux Med created a HELP for Ukraine package, which includes, among other things, medical assistance (details),
  • InPost provides a transport fleet to deliver products to designated locations (details).

If you know of any initiatives and support that could benefit those affected by the conflict, please let us know at wiadomosci@us.edu.pl.

All information regarding avtivities supporting Ukraine and providing aid to refugees can be found at us.edu.pl/en/ukraina.

dwie dłoni, serce w kolorze ukraińskiej flagi/two hands, a heart in the colours of the Ukrainian flag

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