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Significant publications, numerous patents – UŚ in the Perspektywy University Ranking 2022

20.07.2022 - 11:12 update 09.02.2023 - 12:56
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The results of the Perspektywy University Ranking 2022 have been published, compiled by the “Perspektywy” portal. The University of Silesia in Katowice was ranked high, 8th place among Polish universities. We can also boast outstanding achievements in individual categories of the ranking. The results of the University of Silesia recorded in “Perspektywy” prove that the university has been systematically developing in recent years, becoming an increasingly attractive place for candidates, researchers and employees.

Employees of the University of Silesia publish in reputable publishing houses

The latest edition of the ranking confirms the high quality of publications of our employees, determined by the criterion of the percentage of articles that belong to the 10% most cited articles in the world. “In this field, we were ranked 4th among universities, and 5th among all evaluated universities. We owe such a high result to well-designed, valuable research, the results of which are presented in articles of international renown.” says Prof. Michał Daszykowski, the Vice-Rector for Research and Finance. It is worth noting that in this category, the University of Silesia records annual progress, second only to the University of Warsaw, the Adam Mickiewicz University and the Jagiellonian University, occupying an equal position with the AGH University of Science and Technology.

University of Silesia is a leader in terms of granted patents

The University of Silesia is also a leader among universities in the category of “patents and protection rights in Poland”. This proves the high innovative potential of the university. The jury took into account the number of patents and protection rights obtained for utility models in Poland in 2019-2021 in relation to employees involved in research and implementation activities, and assigned to scientific disciplines in fields with “patentability” (engineering and technical sciences, agriculture, science, medical and health sciences, and some social sciences). In 2021, our university was granted 46 patents for inventions and 1 protection right for a utility model. Among them were solutions supporting areas important for human health and life, such as:

  • a system for monitoring the body’s locomotor functions and/or respiratory functions and/or pulse,
  • module prosthetic arm,
  • a membrane made of an organic material with pore-forming, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant properties, and the method of its preparation.

Until the publication the Perspektywy ranking (June 2022), the University of Silesia has been granted 24 patents for inventions this year..

We specialise in obtaining research funds

Another reason to be proud is the high, 6th place (and the first among universities in Silesia) in the category of “effectiveness of obtaining external research funds”. It includes the average amount of funds allocated to research and development that were obtained in 2020/2021 in relation to the total number of employees involved in research and implementation activities. Funds of this type are obtained in competitions, and this is another proof of the quality of research and the trust of funding entities. It is also proof of the growing determination and commitment of the employees of the University of Silesia.

Employees with high level of qualifications

The University of Silesia was also placed among the leaders in terms of scientific potential, taking the 5th place in the categories of “postdoctoral qualifications” and “doctoral qualifications”. This is a criterion focusing not only on high-quality teaching staff, but also of the possibility of scientific development and promotion. This is confirmed by the highest percentage of staff with the highest qualifications among public universities in Silesia (in this respect, the University of Silesia is 12th in Poland). It is worth noting that the University of Silesia is one of the universities with the widest spectrum of represented scientific disciplines (as many as 25).

Attractive degree programmes

Scientific success also translates into the high quality of the courses offered by the university. Geology remains the highest rated degree programme, taking 3rd place in the country. It is worth noting that the degree programme Materials Science and Engineering came first in Poland in terms of the percentage of foreign students. Many degree programmes took better positions than last year. Physics and Journalism and Social Communication were promoted by as many as 6 places (Physics from 15th to 9th place, Journalism and Social Communication from 19th to 13th place). Psychology was promoted from the 18th place to the 13th place, whily Philosophy and Biotechnology (second-cycle studies) were promoted by 2 places, taking 11th and 15th positions respectively. The degree programmes Theology, Cultural Studies, and Tourism and Recreation were promoted by 1 place, taking 7th, 8th and 19th postions respectively.

The overall position of the University of Silesia among universities in Poland in 2022 is 8th, similar to last year. In the ranking of all 96 universities subject to assessment, the University of Silesia came 27th. The jury appreciated the quality and innovation of science at the University of Silesia and the attractiveness of the conducted courses. The high position of the university in the TOP 10 category of the most cited scientific articles, in the category of patents, the development of highly qualified research staff, as well as the strong position of selected degree programmes will contribute to taking further actions related to increasing the didactic offer in English, increasing the number of international staff and establishing cooperation as part of international research teams.

The ranking was published on the Perspektywy website. The list of universities includes all universities (public and private) with the right to conferring doctoral degrees and educating at least 200 full-time students.

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