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Announcement: Security Level 1 effective from 22 June

21.06.2021 - 13:32 update 12.04.2022 - 11:57
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Due to the decreasing number of confirmed SARS-CoV-2 virus infections in Poland and at the University of Silesia, as well as in connection with the increased availability of vaccinations, security level 1 (marked with yellow colour) is once again introduced at the University of Silesia, effective from 22 June 2021.

The relevant rules for the operation of the University are set out in Regulation no. 179 of the Rector of the University of Silesia of 16 October 2020, together with the exceptions provided below.

Classes and exam session

Practicals, field and laboratory classes, and classes and meetings of an individual nature (tutoring, seminars, consultations, etc.), which still have to be done in the summer semester, may be carried out on site while ensuring the safety of their participants and maintaining the applicable rules of sanitary rigour.

The summer exam session (14-30 June 2021), as agreed, will be carried out remotely. Diploma exams, upon request of the student and Dean’s agreement, may be carried out on site while ensuring the safety of their participants and maintaining the applicable rules of sanitary rigour.

Organisation of work

It is recommended for non-academic employees to carry out their organisational and administrative work in a 4:1 ratio, i.e. four days on site and one remote day per week, whilst maintaining safety precautions.

Masks in the university buildings

The mask requirement will be removed for employees working directly with one another if agreed by all employees present in such a workplace. There is also no need to wear a mask in meetings, provided that all participants have expressed their agreement. I strongly request that employees of units who are responsible for the reorganisation of work resulting from the reintroduction of security level 1 monitor the sense of security of their colleagues on an ongoing basis.

We urge all those who have yet to be vaccinated to do so as soon as possible. Given the still uncertain course of the pandemic in the following months, it is reasonable to assume that some academic activity may be suspended or restricted by government decisions that could link, for example, international mobility or participation in internships with the requirement to present a vaccination certificate. First and foremost, we urge everyone to get vaccinated out of concern for your health and that of those with whom you interact at work, at home, and in public spaces.


Be well and stay healthy!

Ryszard Koziołek

na żółtym tle napis LEVEL 1, w tle kampus UŚ/text "LEVEL 1" on a yellow background with University of Silesia Campus in the background

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