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Institute of Culture Studies – scientific cooperation

24.06.2020 - 11:55, update 24.06.2020 - 11:55
Editors: AJS
Studenta trzymająca ozdoby

The Institute of Culture Studies founded in 2019 developed from three old-established units of University of Silesia: Institute of Ethnology and Culture Anthropology, Institute of Culture Studies and Institute of Scientific Information and Library Studies. New Institute of Culture Studies acts as a focal point for bachelors, masters, doctoral and postgraduate teaching as well as a hub for research programmes that span all three of disciplines: cultural anthropology, culture studies and library studies. Our researchers are internationally recognized. We currently host a several research projects, including large, international collaborative projects, and engage in ethnographic  research or scientific collaboration in different parts of the world (Sudan, Iraq, Serbia, China, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Dominikana Republic, Italy, UK). The Institute is one of Poland’s leading centres of Silesian and the transformation of (post)industrial communities studies. Strategy of the institute is based on five research areas: media culture, cultural heritage, cultural ecology, information society, performativity in culture that represent actual and resent scientific interest of ethnologists and cultural experts from University of Silesia.

Contact person:

prof. Maciej Kurcz

e-mail: maciej.kurcz@us.edu.pl

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