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Institute of Sociology – scientific cooperation

24.06.2020 - 12:10, update 24.06.2020 - 12:10
Editors: AJS
Osoby zgromadzane w sali wykładowej

The Institute of Sociology is a part of the Faculty of Social Science University of Silesia. It has been a major centre for the development of sociological thought for more than forty years. It has been educating ‘actors’ of development of Silesian Region and Poland providing them with knowledge of regional and state development trends. More than 40 people work at the Institute of Sociology. The Institute’s employees are laureates of prizes as well as participants of scientific and research internships financed by national (NCN) and foreign funds (Visegrad Fund, University of Peloponnese, Corinth, BECO [AUF], British Gas NEA, Agence Universitaire de La Francophonie, Fulbright Poland) .

The Institute of Sociology is located in the heart of the biggest Polish conurbation, the former industrial region, populated by 2 million inhabitants. At present it is becoming a significant service centre whose economy is based on human creativity and intellectual potential. The sociologists from the Institute of Sociology focus their research on the developmental challenges of Upper Silesia and they take active role in the national and international debate on the region and its future. The main research interest areas include:  

  • industrial transformation,
  • regional culture,
  • regional and local development,
  • urban space, – metropolisation processes,
  • labour market,
  • sociology of politics,
  • social planning,
  • social problems and social policy,
  • social work in the deprived urban areas,
  • sociological aspects of the family, value and religion,
  • ethnic groups, social minorities,
  • cultural studies.

Contact person:

prof. Rafał Muster

e-mail: rafal.muster@us.edu.pl

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