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The City of Katowice hosts the 5th Silesian Science Festival

27.09.2021 - 16:15 update 01.10.2021 - 07:38
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On 9 October 2021, the 5th edition of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE starts, which will be unique not only because of the jubilee. Until now, the event took place at the International Congress Centre in Katowice. This year, however, the festival audience will be invited to the Rawa Scienceville (October 10), as well as to the Internet space (October 11–15). City of Katowice is the host of the event. 

The Mayor of Katowice, Marcin Krupa, PhD, invites you to this year’s Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE: 

– The fifth, jubilee edition of the greatest science festival in Katowice is ahead of us. For years, the Silesian Science Festival has shown participants that science is for everyone and that everyone will find something for themselves. For many people, participation in the festival is a great form of education and fun, but it can also be an inspiration to choose a further education or career path. For Katowice, it is a great opportunity to present the scientific resources of our universities outside their walls. The heart of this year’s festival will be the Rawa river. I am aware of the opinion that the river has among local people, therefore planning outdoor events on its boulevards and in the vicinity is a great opportunity to initiate the process of image and urban change. As a result, the Rawa may soon become an important and valued element of the city space by the inhabitants of Katowice. From 9 to 15 October, I invite you to the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE, where nature, the secrets of the human body or new technologies will stimulate curiosity and creativity, and scientists, enthusiasts and professionals from various industries will encourage us to discover the world through a series of lectures, workshops and meetings.

Plac kwiatowy w Katowicach

Plac kwiatowy w Katowicach | mat. Urząd Miasta Katowice

Rondo w Katowicach

Rondo w Katowicach | mat. Urząd Miasta Katowice

grafika promująca 5. Śląski Festiwal Nauki KATOWICE

Grafika promująca 5. Śląski Festiwal Nauki KATOWICE

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