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University of Silesia in Katowice

Young scientists from the University of Silesia win in START 2020 competition

07.07.2020 - 15:10 update 07.07.2020 - 15:29
Editors: MJ, Sekcja Prasowa UŚ
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The Foundation for Polish Science has awarded one-year grants to outstanding young scholars from Poland for the 28th time. This year, 100 researchers were distinguished out of 845 candidates who are at the beginning of their scientific careers, with documented achievements in their area of research. Most of the awarded scientists represent biological sciences, medical sciences, technology, as well as humanities and social sciences. The winners receive a one-year scholarship in the amount of PLN 28,000, which they can spend according to their individual preferences.

The following scientists from the University of Silesia have been awarded this year:

  • Andrzej Dzienia, Msc Eng. (chemistry),
  • Dr Eng. Karolina Jurkiewicz (materials engineering),
  • Dr Małgorzata Lubelska-Sazanów (law),
  • Dr Oskar Jacek Rojewski (history of art).

START programme has been carried out since 1993. It was established to support outstanding young scholars under 30 years of age (or over 30 years of age in the cases described in the rules and regulations of the competition) and encourage them to continue their scientific development. The prize is awarded as a result of the competition. The main criterions for candidate assessment are quality and originality of their existing scientific output, as well as their most important research achievement. Assessment of applications is carried out at several stages based on the peer review system by scholars who are renowned authorities in their fields of science. The applications are assessed by an expert panel that sends the best of them for review. The final decision on prize-awarding is taken by the Foundation Board and approved by the Foundation Council. Additionally, the Foundation may award distinctions to the candidates whose research achievements were highest rated by the reviewers.

Moreover, Prof. Adam Sobiczewski Fund was established as part of the programme. Higher grants under this fund can be received by the winners specialised in theoretical physics, mathematics or astronomy. A special Prof. Barbara Skarga scholarship for courageous crossing of borders between various fields of science has been funded within the programme as well.

START programme also offers visiting scholarships in foreign research centres and possibilities to take part in meetings with Nobel prizewinners in Lindau (Germany).

The list of winners is available on the following website: www.fnp.org.pl.

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