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The Role of Women in Science | Scientific Premiere Stage

23.11.2022 - 14:12, update 18.07.2023 - 08:09
Editors: wcyg

A month ago, for the first time, the Nobel Laureate was the guest of the meeting as part of the Scientific Premiere Stage. On 27 October, we hosted Prof. Donna Strickland.

The Nobel Prize winner in physics in 2018 talked together with the Vice-Rector of the University of Silesia, Prof. Ewa Jarosz, acting as part of the Gender Equality Plan team at the University of Silesia, on the role of women in science. The meeting was hosted by journalist Jarosław Juszkiewicz.

The participants of the meeting wondered if science is a woman, and also talked about the increasingly common use of feminatives in the Polish language. Prof. Donna Strickland additionally shared memories of the day when she was awakened by a phone call from Sweden informing her that she had received the Nobel Prize. Physicist was a guest of the University of Silesia from 24 to 27 October. There is aphoto report available from her stay at the University.

The conversation “The role of women in science” is available in Polish and English. The event was interpreted into Polish Sign Language.

The Scientific Premiere Stage is an event co-organised by the Metropolis GZM.

Prof. Donna Strickland | Photo by Matylda Klos

Conversation interpreted into Polish

Conversation in English

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