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USil musicians with prize at Sélection ClicMag!

08.02.2023 - 15:48 update 13.02.2023 - 11:32
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The album Reflexions by Adrian Robak, PhD, Assoc. Prof., the Deputy Dean of Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School at the University of Silesia, received a prestigious honourable mention Sélection ClicMag! awarded by the French music magazine ClicMag. The album contains diverse music that combines innovative textural and sound solutions and older compositional techniques. The music composed for old instruments breaks the stereotypes about them. The CD is available, e.g. on streaming platforms.

Additionally, the honourable mentionSélection ClicMag! was also awarded to the album Ryterband – The Journey by Anna Kijanowska, PhD, DLitt, Assoc. Prof. and Małgorzata Kaniowska, PhD, DLitt, Assoc. Prof. from the USil Institute of Music. The album was issued within the ‘Freedom of Research’ call for proposals financed by the Research Excellence Initiative. The album contains recorded for the first time compositions by Roman Ryterband, one of the Shoah survivors, extraordinary composer, conductor, ethnomusicologist and teacher, who spent most of his life in the United States.

The materials to record the CD have been obtained thanks to the kindness of Roman Ryterband’s family and the Polish Music Center working at the University of Southern California. Among the recorded compositions, one can find Three Nocturnes for piano, Song of the Plains of Poland for violin and piano, Triptyque contemporain for cello and piano, Sonatina for guitar and Concerto for piano, string orchestra and harp, the recording of which features Anna Kijanowska, PhD, DLitt, Assoc. Prof. (piano) and the Silesian Chamber Orchestra conducted by Małgorzata Kaniowskia, PhD, DLitt, Assoc. Prof. Among people invited to complete this project, one can find prominent artists from all around the world – Eri Evan (cello), Ania Filochowska (violin) and Paul Cesarczyk (guitar). The CD was provided with a critical comment by Małgorzata Kaniowska, PhD, DLitt, Assoc. Prof.

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Photo by Ebuen Clemente Jr | Unsplash

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