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Special Award for Prof. Krzysztof Marek Bąk

09.06.2021 - 10:33 update 16.03.2022 - 13:03
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Tags: sztuki plastyczne

Krzysztof Marek Bąk, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Educational Science, the leader of the team of the Studio for Research on Modern Exlibris, received the special prize of “The Janusz Mikołaj Szymański Commemorative Medal” at the 27th International Biennial Exhibition of Modern Exlibris in Malbork.

It is a particular award, as Prof. Krzysztof Marek Bąk was recognised for the artistic level and the theoretical reflection over the modern art of exlibris. The award citation reads: “For the passion and effort to understand what a bookplate is and what it can be.”

The ceremony took place on 4 June 2021, during the vernissage of the exhibition at the Malbork Castle. The exhibition is the world’s oldest and most prestigious artistic event.

zdjęcie Medalu Pamiątkowego im. Janusza Mikołaja Szymańskiego
The Janusz Mikołaj Szymański Commemorative Medal | Photo by Prof. Krzysztof Marek Bąk


dr hab. Krzysztof Marek Bąk, prof. UŚ

Krzysztof Marek Bąk, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor

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