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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Silesian Water Centre

The employees of the University of Silesia initiate and become members of e.g.  research activities for the protection of the aquatic environment. Therefore the Silesian Water Centre (SWC) was established within the University structure as a result of the commercialization of the ZiZOZap project, within which a tool supporting the management of dam reservoirs was developed. Experience and knowledge acquired during the implementation of the project allowed to develop and offer solutions to the market. These solutions included e.g. monitoring and assessment of ecological status of waters and habitats with waters, water management and planning and expert support. SWC cooperates with the Institute of Environmental Protection – the National Research Institute in Warsaw. It also undertakes joint activities with many scientific and research institutions, local government units and the socio-economic environment.

Do you know that…? 

Scientists from the Silesian Water Centre (SWC) have performed e.g. valorisation of the ecological state of the Sosina reservoir in Jaworzno with the development of guidelines for the project of its remediation. On the basis of their revitalisation programme, the City of Jaworzno is implementing an investment aimed at restoring the natural and functional values ​​of the Sosina reservoir. As a result, formation of a new water recreation facility is planned.

Visit the Silesian Water Centre website (PL): www.scw.us.edu.pl.

Fot. Marek Grucka 

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