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Our scientists as experts of the Polish Accreditation Committee

09.04.2021 - 10:38 update 15.04.2021 - 08:29
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Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) has completed the recruitment of experts. Three employees of the University of Silesia in Katowice have joined the group of experts in Social Sciences. The team includes:

  • Maciej Bernasiewicz, PhD, D.Litt., Associate Professor – education,
  • Prof. Kazimierz Wolny-Zmorzyński and Patrycja Szostok-Nowacka, PhD, D.Litt., Associate Professor – communication and media studies.

Prof. Kazimierz Wolny-Zmorzyński is also an expert in political science and public administration. In addition, nine representatives of the University of Silesia, who were selected in previous years, are members of PKA’s expert teams:

  • Prof. Katarzyna Krasoń – education,
  • Janusz Morawiec, PhD, D.Sc., Associate Professor, Tomasz Połacik, PhD, D.Sc., Associate Professor – mathematics,
  • Prof. Grażyna Chełkowska, Prof. Janusz Gluza, Artur Chrobak, PhD, D.Sc. Eng., Associate Professor, Roman Wrzalik, PhD, D.Sc., Associate Professor, Elżbieta Stephan, PhD, D.Sc., Associate Professor – physical sciences,
  • Krystyna Doktorowicz, PhD, D.Litt., Associate Professor – film and theatre,
  • Dorota Fox, PhD, D.Litt., Associate Professor – culture and religion studies.

The Polish Accreditation Committee is an independent institution working to ensure and improve the quality of education. Its main tasks include ensuring adherence to the quality standards adopted for higher education and supporting public and non-public universities in the process of improving the quality of education. PKA conducts programme evaluations and issues opinions on applications for granting authorisations to conduct studies.

List of experts of the Polish Accreditation Committee

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