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New solution for electronics industry | Patent for Univeristy of Silesia

05.05.2021 - 14:35 update 09.04.2022 - 23:28
Editors: MK
Tags: inżynieria materiałowa

Researchers from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Silesian University in Katowice have proposed a new method of obtaining a ceramic ultracapacitor. It is an element used mainly in electronics and electrotechnics for the purpose of accumulating electricity. 

Nowadays, when new materials for such applications are designed, solutions are sought primarily to shorten the production process and reduce costs while maintaining efficiency. From the point of view of economics reducing the temperature of the production process is also crucial. Such an effect was achieved by a team of scientists from the Silesian University, who proposed a new, highly efficient way of obtaining a ceramic ultracapacitor. It consists of at least one ceramic layer located between conductive metal electrodes. Thanks to the applied solutions, it is possible to reduce the temperature of the so-called high-temperature sintering and also to shorten the entire production process to just two stages. The invention has been covered by patent protection.

The authors of the solution are: Beata Wodecka-Duś, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor, Małgorzata Adamczyk-Habrajska, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor, Dariusz Bochenek, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor, Jolanta Makowska, PhD, DSc.

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