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Film novelties

12.04.2022 - 15:49 update 05.05.2022 - 12:44
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As we try to keep pace with changes in the world our University functions in, we should sometimes look at it from a fresh camera lens. Six films published in April 2022 present campuses of the University of Silesia as well as promote our values and effective remote learning.

In Chorzów, Cieszyn, Katowice and Sosnowiec

In February 2022, the University film crew went to the cities where the Faculties of the University of Silesia are located. As a result, four different footage about the units of the University of Silesia and their surroundings have been made. The main character of the films is, led by the lector, Martyna – a university candidate visiting our campus and the city. Therefore, she goes to see the classrooms and lecture halls, receives the keys to the dormitory rooms and tries her hand as a lab assistant, journalist and translator. As time passes, she gets to know the local attractions of Park Śląski in Chorzów, Venice of Cieszyn, the Culture Zone in Katowice or Dietel Palace in Sosnowiec. “And that’s only the beginning of your University adventure.” Says the lector at the end of each film.

Chorzów: youtu.be/pDEtaclHgNQ

Cieszyn: youtu.be/qaDqXt7s9aw

Katowice: youtu.be/azMUt0AE-Uw

Sosnowiec: youtu.be/vGmjyJEHi80

Equal treatment

The said candidate goes to the University, which – as we emphasise in the next footage – represents an “equal and diverse community”. The script of the one-minute video clip “Equal treatment” was based on the contents of the rownetraktowanie.us.edu.pl website. The film’s message is that each member of the academic community of the University of Silesia will find their place regardless of their individual traits. “Differences indicate strengths and wisdom of the University,” this is one of the keywords in the clip where we can see lecturers, students and administrative employees.

The footage: youtu.be/n3GIWCWGxrQ

Distance learning in a nutshell

Two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have brought fast development of various forms of distance learning techniques. With lecturers and students in mind, we have created an animation “Guide to Distance Learning in a Nutshell”. The film suggests what type of classes and activities are the best in the remote form.

Direct inspiration for the animation was “Guide to Distance Learning” prepared by the team comprised of: Magdalena Bąk, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor; Maciej Fic, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor; Sławomir Pytel, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor; Jolanta Skutnik, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor; Katarzyna Sujkowska-Sobisz, PhD, Associate Professor; and Agata Zygmunt, PhD, Associate Professor. We encourage everyone to read the full version of the guide, available at www.zdalny.us.edu.pl.

The footage: youtu.be/zpeARaYzECM

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